Deburring and Polishing Machine Melbourne

What is Deburring and Why is it Important?

Deburring is the process of removing unwanted edges or projections, known as burrs, which form during the cutting or machining of materials. Because they are often sharp and jagged, they can cause potential hazards and safety issues, as well as affecting the overall function and performance of the workpiece. They can also impact the assembly process, making it difficult for parts to fit together properly. Therefore, using a deburrer is an important step in manufacturing and fabrication processes.

Deburring may require additional processes which may be high in labour costs as well as time-consuming if performed manually. This is where a burr removal machine can help.

Advantages of Deburring Machine

A Metal Deburrer is the ideal solution for quickly, efficiently, and effectively processing parts through mechanical deburring. In this process, machines grind off the burrs, allowing for high-speed operations and delivering consistent, high-quality products. Other advantages over manual deburring include:

  • Consistency and Precision:
  • Deburring machines can consistently and precisely remove burrs from multiple workpieces, ensuring uniform quality and eliminating the variability that may occur with manual deburring.

  • Efficiency:
  • Deburring machines are often faster than manual methods, leading to increased productivity. They can handle large volumes of workpieces in a shorter time, contributing to more efficient production processes.

  • Labour Saving Costs:
  • Automating the deburring process with a machine can result in significant labour cost savings. This is particularly beneficial for tasks that would otherwise require extensive manual effort.

  • Enhanced Safety:
  • Using a deburring machine reduces the need for operators to perform repetitive and potentially hazardous manual deburring tasks. This promotes a safer working environment and minimises the risk of injuries. Also, producing parts with rounded edges enhances safety during handling and assembly, thereby mitigating the risk of injuries. Smoothing the edges of cut parts ensures safer handling and facilitates better paint and powder coating adhesion. The use of rotating brushes is a partial solution to achieve this function.

  • Versatility:
  • Deburring machines can be equipped with various tools and configurations to handle different materials, geometries, and burr types. This versatility makes them adaptable to a wide range of manufacturing applications, providing flexibility in production processes. They can be used for multiple materials and thicknesses. Deburring and edge rounding machines can be combined when it is desired to break the edges by using a brush or even get a certain radius by using the rotative brushes, in addition to deburring.

  • Quality Finish:
  • The burr removal machine enables the integration of both deburring and polishing processes in a single pass, resulting in deburred products with a high-quality finish. This is accomplished by utilising sanding belts for grinding and Scotch-Brite belts for polishing.

  • Durability:
  • A deburrer helps with the functionality and durability of the metal component.

The deburrers feature a wide-width sanding belt/rotating brush roller and a multi-site combination grinding multi-functional model. They are designed to eliminate slag burrs formed during processes such as laser cutting, cutting of metal plates, plasma cutting, flame cutting, stamping, and more. The machine is suitable for processing tasks like metal plate surface pre-grinding, pore removal, and edging rounded corners to remove burrs.

A multi-station deburring machine can include a polishing process as well as a surface finish if required in the same process. Typically comprising two sanding stations for primary and secondary grinds, the machine utilises rotating brush heads to achieve fine finishing and edge rounding. Different grain sizes of abrasive belts are available to smooth out metal burrs, chosen based on the specific type of metal requiring deburring.

Deburring Machines for Sale Melbourne

Laser Machines can offer a range and styles of deburring machines depending on the application to speed up the process of deburring without the products losing their quality.

Delta PLC System and Controller 4 Stage Deburring Machine Melbourne

Ideal for processing your cut parts to achieve your desired finish and designed for deburring and rounding off edges to give you a high-quality finished part. Standard models up to 1300mm wide x 80mm thick Larger models are available upon request.

Processes Include:

  • Polishing
  • Slag removal, burring
  • Chamfering/rounding of edges
  • Final polishing
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