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CNC Synchronised Press Brake

At Laser Machines, we not only provide state-of-the-art laser machines but also offer precision Ragos Hybrid CNC Synchronized Press Brakes. These machines ensure accurate and flawless results, with Ragos offering models ranging from 40 to 600 tons capacity, equipped with multiple available axes.

We can offer a range of controllers to suit customers' requirements including:

Delem & Cybelec

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Press Brake Machine Australia
What is a Press Brake?

A press brake is a machine designed for bending sheet and plate metal panels. Its operation involves clamping the material between a V-shaped die and punch. The backgauge adjusts the workpiece to the correct size, and subsequently, the punch exerts force, causing the material to bend into the predetermined shape within the die. Press brakes are commonly used in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and automotive, for producing components with specific bends and angles.

Benefits of CNC Synchro Press Brakes in Melbourne

Ragos CNC Press brakes HG series offer several advantages over traditional bending methods including:

Piston Repeat High speed, Delem or Cybelec Touch Screen Multiple Special spray
positioning accuracy ≤ ±0.02mm positioning accuracy of slider ≤ ±0.01mm high precision, high rigidity, large stroke controller system, security measures for safety and efficiency paint, anti- UV, anti- oxidation and anti- peeling
  • High Precision: Ragos CNC press brakes provide outstanding precision and accuracy. They can bend to within +/-0.02mm and have a repeatability accuracy of +/-0.01mm. This precision is particularly critical in industries where accuracy is paramount, such as electronics, metal fabrication, automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries, for forming metal sheets into various shapes and angles. They offer high precision, repeatability, and automation and can accurately and efficiently produce complex and intricate parts.
  • Versatility : Multiple axes and options are available to suit customers' specific requirements to bend precision parts on their CNC press brake. The Rams control the depth of bend to achieve the programmed angle via the CNC controller of the bend, and most operations use the air bending technique. This axis is termed the "Y1 & Y2-Axis", representing the downforce mechanisms' right-hand and left-hand control. This ensures accurate parallel bending solutions via the synchronisation system, including the linear scales on each piston. This is a standard feature.
  • Back Gauge Axis :There are multiple axis available for the back gauge on a CNC press brake These can vary depending on the complexity of parts being bent. Depending on your processes, the back gauge can have as few as 1 Axis (X) or as many as 6 Axis (more on some machines). These axis, like the Rams Y-Axis, can also have variants of X or X1/ X2, R or R1/R2, Z or Z1/Z2, symbolising each axis's individual controllability independent of the other.
Additional Axis and Options Available

Ragos's CNC press brake axis series support optional features that enhance bending accuracy, productivity, and material handling. The most common of this class of axis are:

  • Automatic Crowning table for the bottom table or V-Axis.(automatically compensate the bottom table for material deflection to ensure an accurate parallel bend).
  • Sheet Support system (Bending aid, Lifting/Supporting Large Sheets during the forming process)
  • Tower Back Gauge Axis (mounted from the base of the machine to allow bigger parts to be bent with less interference)
  • Huge of tooling and dies for bending of parts
  • Automatic Robotic automation systems for large output of production parts
  • Multiple tool stations
  • Manufacturer-specific options (Shifting Die Holders etc.)
  • Speed & Efficiency: The speed and automation capabilities of CNC Press brakes will improve overall productivity. Hybrid (Japanese design) system, Ragos CNC Press brakes will save electricity over a standard hydraulic press brake.
  • Precise Power Control, Energy Recovery, and Energy-Efficient Design: This system adopts the bending machine synchronisation control system developed jointly with NADIC of Japan. The power component of the system consists of a synchronisation control block, pressure control block and other hydraulic accessories. The system's pressure and flow are controlled by electro-hydraulic proportional control, which not only makes the left and right cylinders achieve high synchronisation accuracy but also makes the whole system move continuously, smoothly and with stable pressure. Adopt a Japanese Fujikoshi internal gear pump, which has the characteristics of low noise, stable performance and long life.
  • Hydraulic Piping System: The hydraulic piping system comprises German EMB tube fittings and seamless steel pipes from Japan or Parker to ensure a leak-free and clean hydraulic system.
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