3D Metal Printing

3D Metal Printing



SISMA Laser metal sintering 3D printing systems

EVEMET, the new family of SISMA 3D printers with selective metal powder bed fusion laser – Laser Metal Fusion. EVEMET, together with EVERES, represent the latest generation of 3D printers offered by SISMA and is part of a larger project, in which these two product classes pursue a unique and specialized dimension, in order to generate added value to its users.

EVEMET 3D printers are state-of-the-art production solutions, representing the most advanced technology on the market today for the production of three-dimensional metal artefacts. They guarantee the highest standards both in the monitoring of the process, where the operating parameters are displayed in progress and made available in a final summary, and in the monitoring of the melt pool, where the joint use of video cameras and software allow for instant verification of the quality of fusion and process stability.

The brand new EVEMET 200 series, which is designed to best meet the production needs of the industrial and medical sector by also working with reactive metals, offers a maximum printing volume equal to a cylinder with a base diameter of 200 mm and a height of 200 mm.

250% load factor.

A powder loading tank large enough to supply up to two and a half times the maximum printable volume.

Full control.

In the print settings configuration, with any type of metal powder available on the market.

Optimal density.

A new gas flow management system inside the printing chamber allows optimal density to be obtained over the entire working area, without soiling the laser protection lens.

EVEMET 200 allows out of the ordinary production performance to be achieved, thanks to:

Two fully overlapping laser sources that work together (full overlap).

State-of-the-art laser pulse management functions, allowing a better surface finish to be obtained and stress to be reduced during construction of the piece.

Pre-heating of the printing plate up to + 200°C.

The components and the industrial category control computer, which guarantee greater process stability.

Two filter cartridges that support up to 1000 hours of printing each.

An integrated suction system for the transfer of residual dust from the construction cylinder to the recovery container, without the need to use an external discharge station.

A meltpool monitoring system to analyze the laser beam and verify the actual work quality

An external dust management system through the EVEMET MULTIPLO station for automatic sieving, even in an inert atmosphere.


Technical data:

  • Effective cylinder volume — Ø 100 x 100 mm
  • Laser Source — Fibre Laser 200W
  • Precision Optics — Quartz F-Theta Lense
  • Laser spot diameter — 55 µm
  • Typical layer thickness (adjustable) — 20 – 30 µm
  • Power supply — 220-240 V 1 ph – 50/60Hz
  • Machine dimensions — 1390 x 1600 x 777 mm
  • Net weight — 650 Kg
  • Max power absorbed — 1000 VA
  • O2 concentration — < 0,1%
  • Inert gas supply — Nitrogen, Argon
  • Inert gas consumption — <0,3 L/min @ 0,5% O2
  • Noise — <70 dB
  • Door — Glove Box
  • Filter unit — Removable

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