Fume and Dust Extractor TOD-4L

Fume and Dust Extractor TOD-4L


The TOPSINN TOD-4L Extraction Unit is the perfect solution for keeping your workspace clean and free of harmful dust and particles. This cutting-edge dust collector is specifically designed to work with laser cutting machines, effectively capturing and filtering out the fine particles produced during the cutting process.


  • American HV high-efficiency filtration system
  • Robust design
  • Designed with laser cutting in mind
  • Siemens motor, ultra-high negative pressure fan
  • Visual operator panel
  • Industrial design
  • Digital control system: support EtherCAT bus protocol, energy-saving frequency conversion control


Sheet Cutting

Flagship Product

Flagship sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine

Tube Cutting

Flagship Product

Flagship laser metal
tube cutting machine

Combination Sheet


Base fiber laser sheet & tube metal cutting machine with full protection
Non Metal Cutting (CO2)

Economical Product

Entry-level fiber laser metal sheet & tube cutting machine