ITrans Tower

ITrans Tower



Full Auto loading and unloading system

Compatible with the Bodor P Series laser systems.
Automatic Loading and Unloading combined with a compact sheet storage Tower system.

  • Cleverly designed mechanical/vacuum automation reducing machine footprint.
  • Fully-automatic operation.
  • The eight-story pallet storage allows for various thickness sheets to be stored.
  • Standard loading/unloading cycle time is 180s.
  • The mechanical layered function can automatically detect the sheet thicknesses to ensure single-sheet loading.
  • Intelligent vacuum chuck realizes chuck partition function. Each sucker can be controlled separately.
  • The material detection function of each layer detects any shortage in advance
  • Designed for P and S Series
  • Module dimensions 17450mmx10000mmx5600mm
  • Weight 12000kg
  • Touch screen operation
  • Sprocket and chain lifting method


Sheet Cutting

Flagship Product

Flagship sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine

Tube Cutting

Flagship Product

Flagship laser metal
tube cutting machine

Combination Sheet


Base fiber laser sheet & tube metal cutting machine with full protection
Non Metal Cutting (CO2)

Economical Product

Entry-level fiber laser metal sheet & tube cutting machine