Lanus LSD-162 Deburring Machine

Lanus LSD-162 Deburring Machine


Lanus LSD-162 Manual Deburring and Polishing Machine

Standard inclusions:

  • 3.86 kw total motors power
  • 1200 x 750 working area
  • Vacuum suction table unit
  • Rotating 180˚ quick change grinding head

Processing products: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, all kinds of non-ferrous metals, etc.

Working principle of the equipment

This model is combined by the work bench and mechanical polishing arm, suitable for small batches of metal plate surface polishing, melting slag, deburring and other treatment. The machine is very easy to use, and only gently depresses the manpower to achieve the required grinding strength. The automatic vacuum adsorption workbench automatically distributes vacuum suction. The workpiece should only be placed flat on the workbench and grinding without any clamp, efficiency, and safety. Different disc brushes can be selected according to the actual work pieces to achieve the ideal effect. The machine has its own vacuum absorption function, automatically absorbs off the grinding pieces, protect the health of workers, clean workshop. One power two grinding head configuration, only rotate 180 degrees can quickly transform the grinding head, efficient and convenient, safe and energy saving.


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