Lanus LSP DL800 Deburring Machine

Lanus LSP DL800 Deburring Machine


Lanus LSP DL800 4 Stage Slag Removal Deburring and Polishing Machine

Standard inclusions

  • 35.2 kw main motor
  • 4 grinding processing stages
  • Motorized conveyor belt unit
  • Extraction fan and motor (Piping of exhaust from Fan to outside is Customers responsibility


Processing products: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, all kinds of non-ferrous metals, etc.

Equipment function

This equipment is a dry type combination of one set of hammers disk, abrasive belts and four sets of universal roller brushes. It is mainly used to process the edges of workpieces, slag hanging in holes, deburring, and achieve hair lines, scale removal, and polishing of metal plates. Wait for processing. For stamping, shearing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting and other processes, burrs can be removed in all directions, so that all edges, corners, and holes can achieve a small R arc effect. The processing process is safe and reliable, so that the workpiece reaches perfect quality.

The working principle of the equipment

The equipment first removes slag on the surface of the workpiece through a set of steel hammer disc brushing stations, then removes large burrs and other slag particles on the surface of the workpiece through a set of abrasive belt stations, and then uses 4 sets of universal sand roller brush combinations to remove the slag on the surface of the workpiece. A rotating sanding roller brush, a combination of sanding roller brushes, high-speed centrifugal grinding, scraping, cutting and filing of the edges of the workpiece and the inner hole, without burrs, does not affect the edge accuracy of the workpiece, the inner hole burrs are removed and the R angle is uniform (R angle size By using different processes and abrasive belts), the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece will not be destroyed through processing. At the same time, the sand belt station and sand rolling station can also run independently:

  • Sand belt station independently can achieve metal hairline, polishing, peeling, slag and other processing; sand rolling brush independent operation can achieve 360 degrees without dead Angle burr treatment, especially for laser cutting, CNC punching under coated sheet metal parts, not only the burr removed clean, and do not hurt the film, the sheet metal without scratch. Because this equipment uses special soft abrasive wire, only designed for the characteristics of burr, so it is a harmless (in the case of film) sheet metal surface effect of burr equipment, and the special workpiece with superior processing efficiency.
  • The conveying system is equipped with strong vacuum negative pressure adsorption fixed workpiece, for 50mm above 50mm workpieces can be realized without tooling through machining, special workpiece can be selected supporting tooling fixed machining. The transmission system frequency conversion without speed control.
  • Supporting wet vacuum cleaner, reduce safety risks, efficient treatment of grinding dust, through the top high pressure high flow fan to the grinding dust inhalation dust chamber, through water deposition in water spray dust, dust environmental filtration and absorption, clean air discharged into the atmosphere. For operators to demand a good working environment, recycling and grinding metal powder, to achieve environmental protection production.


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