MY-1610-HS CO2 Laser Cutter

MY-1610-HS CO2 Laser Cutter


MY-1610-HS CO2 150W with 1600 x 1000 table

A CO2 laser cutter directs a focused beam of infrared laser light produced by exciting carbon dioxide gas to precisely cut or engrave materials like metals, wood, plastic, acrylics, glass, cardboard, and leather.


Technical Parameters:

  • Working area: 1600mm x 1000mm
  • High-speed guide way
  • Motorised up/down blade table
  • Home limited switch from Japan Omron
  • DSP Ruida controller (touch screen panel)
  • Water-cooling chiller
  • Dual-protection interlock
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Exhaust fan and tube


Optional Extras/ Spare Parts

  • Honeycomb Table
  • Reflecting Mirror
  • 2″/4″/5″ Focal Lens
  • 100W RECI laser tube (Model: W4; Power: 100-130W)
  • 130W RECI laser tube (Model: W6; Power: 130-160W)
  • 150W RECI laser tube (Model: W6; Power: 150-180W)
  • Switching Power Supply for Reci lasertube 100W (Model: ES-100)
  • Switching Power Supply for Reci lasertube 130W (Model: ES-150)
  • Switching Power Supply for Reci lasertube 150W (Model: ES-150)
  • Red Dot Pointer
  • Ultrasonic Auto Focus
  • Air Compressor
  • Computer (17″ touch screen + wireless keyboard and mouse + tray)
  • Rotary Device with 3 claws
  • Rotary Device with roller


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