P Series

P Series



30 installed in Australia, twin table fully enclosed up to 40 kW

With over 30 installed in Australia, the Highly productive low cost P Series is packed full of time saving features with local technical support & spare parts.
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Best Features, Best Price.

Laser power options from 1000w to 40000w with auto load/unload work handling options available.

  • Internal camera allows for quick trouble shooting of cutting process
  • Twin table design to efficiently handles loading and unloading simultaneously



  • 3.0m x 1.5m or 4.0m x 2.0m dual table with laser safety enclosure and cameras
  • IPG Fiber laser or Max Photonics Laser
  • Genius cutting head with programmable motorised lens and auto nozzle changer
  • Additional Fiber / QBH protection as standard
  • Rack & pinion drive (X & Y), ball screw (Z), auto lube system included
  • Positioning accuracy — 0.03mm
  • Reposition accuracy — 0.02mm
  • Max. moving speed — 100m/min
  • Max. cutting speed — 35m/min
  • Min. line width — 0.1mm
  • Machine dimensions — 9950 x 3050 x 2100mmh x 6,000KG
  • Procut 2.0 control with inbuilt internet system support and remote monitoring
  • Nesting software included
  • Exhaust fan (floor mounted) included with 220mm diameter outlet
  • 2 / 3-year parts warranty
  • Machine is CE approved
  • Industrial Laser 12month machine support package option available
  • Full automation options available including iTrans and iTower

OPTIONS — Laser powers – 40000w/30000w/20000w/15000w/12000w/8000w/
Table Sizes – 3m x 1.5m to 8m x 2.5m


Sheet Cutting

Flagship Product

Flagship sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine

Tube Cutting

Flagship Product

Flagship laser metal
tube cutting machine

Combination Sheet


Base fiber laser sheet & tube metal cutting machine with full protection
Non Metal Cutting (CO2)

Economical Product

Entry-level fiber laser metal sheet & tube cutting machine